Ste was determined Misbah should pay following Tegan’s death and Ollie was lashing out after news of Buster’s plea hearing.

The fall out from the storm continued with Sienna and Liberty pulling together to help Brody tidy up and when Liberty heard Sienna turn down Brody she gave her sister permission to date him but when Sienna asked him for a drink she was the one who got turned down.

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Ollie confided in Brody after receiving a letter about Buster’s plea hearing on Wednesday but when Darren tried to help him he lashed out at him.

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When Sylver noticed that the phone Max found in the storm was his he convinced Goldie to steal it but after reading the text messages she found which revealed they had slept together in Magaluf, and blurted the truth out to Russ.

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And Ste was determined Misbah should pay for Tegan’s death after he found out that it was her ‘help’ that led to her death he was even more outraged after finding she had performed medical assistance with a broken hand.

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