Brody Hudson and Ollie Morgan face their abuser Buster Smith in court at his plea hearing as they come together in support of each other, they are left shocked when Buster gets support.

Its Buster’s plea hearing, and Brody and Damon are shocked to discover Buster is pleading not guilty. Brody doesn’t want to go, but with the support from Damon, he has the strength to come face to face with his abuser.

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Meanwhile, Ollie has been lashing out at Darren all week, and he decides it may be best to move out, but Ollie opens up about Buster’s plea hearing. They support him all the way, and go the hearing with him.

Everyone is watching in horror as a surprise testimony comes forward in support of Buster.

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How supportive has Damon been for Brody this week?

Jacob Roberts: He doesn’t want to show any weakness to Brody, he keeps his brave face on, even though it’s killing him inside. I think Damon feels like he let him down, by not believing him in the first place.

What’s in store for Damon and Brody in the future?

Jacob Roberts:  Damon will have a new love interest in the upcoming weeks, all I can reveal is that she’s a brunette. There will be a serious storyline involving the pair, and I’m excited for the future of their relationship.

Adam Woodward: Brody finds it difficult to open up to anyone, but Sienna having been through trauma herself, makes her an easier person to talk to. So, more passion between the two is yet to come…

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