In tonight’s E4 episode the scale of the destruction became clear and lives were turned upside down by Tegan’s death. Harry and Ste’s marriage was also dead already following the revelation that he had slept with James Nightingale.

Scott was doing his best to keep up morale and dressed up as a magician and everyone pretends to be excited about it for Rose and Leela’s, sake.

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A returned Sinead was delighted to hear about the split between Harry and Ste but after giving him a slap was left feeling awful after he told her about Tegan. They made up and a delighted Ste was happy to have his best friend back.

Ste wanted answers as to how and why Tegan died, they went to the hospital, only to discover it was due to the emergency surgery performed by Misbah.

Harry turned up at the party to apologise but got immediately kicked out by Ste, who told him one of them had to leave the village.

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Later, Harry spoke with Tony about what happened. Harry packed and left after Tony thought it was for the best if he went.

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Hollyoaks continues on E4 from 7pm tomorrow

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