‘Storm Belinda’ has claimed its victim tonight as Tegan Lomax died following injuries she sustained after being hit by a tree as she pushed Harry Thompson to safety.

Tegan is awake in the hospital surrounded by her family, and she is delighted when Diane and Tony ask whether she would like to co-parent Rose and Dee Dee.

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Just as Ste and Leela are about to leave, they turn around to see Tegan unconscious, with doctors desperately trying to resuscitate her as her family watched on in horror the doctors battled to save an unresponsive Tegan.

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Things were no better for Lily after the jetty she was standing on with Romeo collapsed, with thanks to James and Prince they managed to get her to safety but the drama was far from over as she suddenly collapsed with Prince performing CPR.

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While CPR was being performed on Lily in the dog, Tegan passed away in the hospital bringing an end to 5 years in the show for actress Jessica Ellis.

Sinead was back and there is certainly no place like home when the Hollyoaks sign crashed into Sami’s car.

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‘Storm week’ continues on E4 from 7pm tomorrow

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