Romeo watches his forbidden love Lily fall in to the storm fuelled water after the jetty collapses beneath her feet while a bolt of lightning causes a tree to collapse and crush Tegan, forcing Misbah to perform an emergency DIY operation, with an injured hand…

The storm is crashing through the village, and Tegan is bravely battling it after discovering her daughter Rose is missing. Helping her on the search is recently married, and separated, Ste and Harry. Diane and Tony were also searching, and luckily, Tony ran in to The Hutch to check nothing was stolen, and found Rose bravely hiding under the table. Tony hears Tegan’s desperate screams and runs out to tell her Rose is safe.

The relief is short lived as a lightning bolt hits a tree causing it to fall down, and in a split second decision, Ste pushes Harry out of the way, and Tegan is crushed by the tree.

They find Misbah, who is has been badly injured by Imran’s fit of rage, and is hiding a broken arm. They manage to push the tree off her and bring her inside. Misbah wants to help Tegan, who is struggling to breathe suffering from a collapsed lung. Ste begs for everyone to wait for the ambulance, but she needs immediate attention, so Misbah performs an emergency operation and saves her life…

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Meanwhile, after a heart breaking reunion with his estranged father, Romeo tells Lily he loves her. He can’t watch Lily with her Prince any longer, so decides to battle the storm instead. Lily spots him on the Jetty and sneaks out of The Dog to check he’s okay. She tells him he’s wrong, she’s not trapped in her marriage and she’s perfectly happy… but why is she outside in the storm with Romeo?

Their conversation comes to an abrupt end as the storm furiously breaks off part of the jetty, and Lily falls in to the raging water.


Will everyone be ok?

‘Storm week’ continues on E4 from 7pm tomorrow

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