‘Storm week’ continues…

As ‘Storm Belinda’ continues to wreak havoc in Hollyoaks brand new images show just who is in danger as Lily and Romeo are left in peril when the jetty collapses.

5023 LILY ROMEO.jpg©Lime Pictures

In tonight’s E4 episode

The storm has forced everyone inside and they are camped out at The Dog. Goldie decides to entertain everyone by dancing on the tables and Mercedes is creating expensive cocktails to sell – ‘Storm in a Glass’.

Lily is worried when she sees Romeo is outside in the storm, so when Prince is distracted, she sneaks out to check on him.

5023 LILY ROMEO 4.jpg©Lime Pictures

Imran can’t control his anger anymore, he is frustrated she won’t let him leave the house and hits Misbah…She flees from the house into the storm. Sami goes out looking for her, while out he comes across a woman in the middle of the road and offers her a lift, it’s Sinead.

‘Storm week’ continues on E4 from 7pm tonight

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