Mandy’s hope of another child looks set to be a reality when she discovers she is pregnant but little does she know her boyfriend is rekindling his romance with his soon to be ex-wife Nancy…

It starts when an under the weather Mandy sneaks to Price Slice to buy a pregnancy test.

Whilst there, she tells Simone her worries about how Darren might react if it’s positive, but she’d love to be a mum again. She takes the test and it’s positive!

5031 MANDY AND DARREN 1.jpg© Lime Pictures Mandy gives Darren the good news

Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy, said in an interview that “Mandy’s worried Darren will freak out and not want the baby”.

© Lime Pictures

How does Nancy take the news?

It’s actually Darren who tells Nancy about the pregnancy, and Mandy only finds out she knows later on. Understandably, she’s a bit bitter to say the least.

What is Mandy’s relationship with Darren like at the moment?

It’s strong, but they’re having trouble dealing with all the other factors in their life. They really want to be together and have been through a lot to get there.

How do Ollie and Ella react to the news of the pregnancy?

They’re super excited and happy that there’s finally some positive news for their family.

How will everyone react to Mandy’s pregnancy? tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!

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