They say that bad things come in 3 and for Ste that was certainly true.

A grieving Ste promised Yazz he would leave the Maaliks alone, after shouting at them during Tegan’s wake. He was determined to make Misbah pay and told Sinead to plot a bottle of alcohol in the office during her job interview at the hospital.

This didn’t work as Misbah caught her which led to an argument and Misbah being asked to take some leave from work.

Ste was later busy preparing food for the careers fair when he went outside to investigate a noise…and left the hob on.

5047 STE (2).png© Lime Pictures Ste hears a noise

He was furiously attacked by a mysterious person and the commotion leads to the stove setting alight and catching the curtains on fire.

5047 FIRE (2).png© Lime Pictures Ste’s (burnt) lunchbox

Ste watched on in horror as his business burned down and we got a look at just who was responsible.

5047 IMRAN.png© Lime Pictures Ste’s attacker!

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