Cindy is home, Darren is telling lies and Mandy is facing a tragic time

1. Mandy wins £200 on a scratch card and a desperate Darren takes the winning scratch card and goes to the casino night at The Loft.

2. Cindy is back! But appalled to find Donna Marie living in her house.

5052.22 MARNIE CINDY.jpg© Lime Pictures Welcome home Cindy

3. James goes against Nancy’s wishes and lays into Darren in the mediator room.

4. Nancy finds Mandy in the toilet – she thinks she’s losing the baby.

MANDY NANCY.jpg© Lime Pictures Is Mandy losing the baby?

5. Glenn’s will is processed today. Jesse is planning to invest it all in the salon and manages to get Liam on board, but they discover that Glenn left them nothing but a whole load of debt.

6. Farrah invites Misbah to help Grace give her flat a makeover.

7. Kyle is feeling like an unwanted house guest, Nancy convinces him to stay, and they are play fighting, which leads to a moment of loving tension.

5050 KYLE NANCY.jpg© Lime Pictures Could Nancy and Kyle as a couple work?

8. Nancy gives Mandy a chance to be friends again.

9. Lily tries to seduce Prince, but he doesn’t want it. Lily confides in Diane and Tony.

EP 4793 PRINCE AND LILY 07.jpg© Lime Pictures

10. Grace desperately wants to convince Misbah that her gangster days are over, she takes her out to The Loft, and they end up dancing to Barbie girl.

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