Prince Mcqueen prepares to go under the knife but rather than confide in wife Lily, he ends it with her. 

A difficult week begins when Prince has an ultrasound appointment, but he lies to Lily and tells her it’s his mum’s court hearing. Later Lily who can’t cope with his weird behaviour is given more news when Romeo tells her that Prince is having an affair. When she accuses him of cheating she says that she is better off without him leading him to reply that it is over between them.

Later, Nana McQueen finds him crying, and he breaks down. He tells her about his tumour and that he broke up with Lily. Nana promises to help them both through it.

5056 PRINCE LILY.jpg© Lime Pictures

When Prince goes into hospital for his operation will he be given good news?

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 10th December and

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