After outing her cheating fiance and then having him murdered on the wedding day, Christmas for Mercedes Mcqueen isn’t looking very festive.

When Mercedes tries, without success to have Russ’ body released. Breda and Goldie beg Sylver to try and sweet-talk Mercedes into letting them all spend Christmas together.

Later when Sylver comforts Mercedes, which leads to a kiss…

SYLVER MERCEDES.png© Lime Pictures Christmas kisses for Mercedes and Sylver

Mercedes is far from a warm and welcoming guest to her cousin Goldie, who gets a hair full of gravy, but Mercedes may be the least of her worries…Myra has a wonderful idea on how to make this Christmas one to remember.

5066-67 GOLDIE MERCEDES SYLVER.jpg© Lime Pictures Anyone for gravy?

To top of a very unfestive Christmas the police have a huge announcement to make about Russ’ killer…

Hollyoaks air these episodes from the 20th December

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