Ho-ho-ho! it’s Christmas in Hollyoaks and that means we were treated to a festive double edition packed with drama.

Flashbacks to 1986 showed us Breda’s first murder as she killed Sylver’s dad and later revealed Goldie isn’t his real sister. Breda told Sylver that she was his nanny and adopted him when he was three years old.

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Prince was persuaded by Lily to go to the hospital for his test results after finding a letter addressed to him. Prince found out that the lump was Cancerous but the operation got rid of it all. Lily attempted to make him think positive but Prince was worried that it might come back. Prince later found Lily’s booking confirmation letter for the flight to Bangkok and questioned if she was running away with someone else. He told her he was no longer going to hold her back anymore and promptly left the village.

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It wasn’t all doom and gloom at the Mcqueens as Myra and Sally got engaged.

5066.67 SALLY MYRA NANA CLEO.jpg© Lime Pictures another Mcqueen wedding on the way

Lord have Mercy

Trouble is surely just around the corner as Mercedes hooked up with Liam Donovan for a Christmas kiss.

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And has Breda’s attempt to get Goldie free of prison landed herself in it?

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Hollyoaks continues at 6:30 on Channel 4 and at 7 on E4 weekdays


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