Buster’s trial
As Ollie prepares for Buster’s trial, he confides in Mandy that he’s scared, but Brody promises that he isn’t on his own, “we can get him sent down together”. Meanwhile, Brooke continues to be a pillar of support to Ollie, could they become more than just friends? Elsewhere, Imran confesses to Misbah and Sami that he might have the evidence to prove that Buster is guilty. The jury prepares to give their verdict, will justice be served?

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Mercedes, Liam and Sylver
Simmering Sylver watches as a glammed-up Mercedes meets Liam in the village and toasts her Champagne as she says, “let’s get this party started”. Sylver tells Mercedes that drugs make him “see red” and pins Liam up against a wall. Could Mercedes be getting in with a bad crowd and will Sylver be her knight in shining armour?

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Louis’ misery
Breda still has Louis trapped at her pig farm with two broken legs. She warns Louis that he has to choose Leela and not Simone. However, Louis finds Breda’s notepad with the imprint of her confession letter to the police “I am the killer you’re looking for.” As Louis tries to escape, Simone arrives at the pig farm. Are they both in danger? Back in the village, Breda is followed by a hooded figure…

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Laurie and Sienna
Sienna starts work at Hollyoaks High School and Laurie is on hand to help her, but it seems that he wants something in return and says “you owe me”. Sienna worries that she’s giving him the wrong impression and then Liberty warns her that “sexual harassment is a massive accusation”. It looks like Laurie has Sinead right where he wants her when she questions his closeness to Sienna and he blames her own insecurities for getting the wrong end of the stick.

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Romeo and Lily
Romeo continues to declare his love for Lily in Prince’s absence and tells her that she is “the only thing in my life that is good”. They kiss, but will Prince be back to stop it going any further?

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Jonny and Ste
After the revelation that Jonny and Ste might be brothers, Ste asks Sinead and Leela to give Jonny the benefit of the doubt. Jonny continues to boost Ste’s confidence and tells him that he’s “stronger now than you’ve ever been” and “there’s nothing we can’t do together”. Following the revelation that Jonny’s real name is Gavin Jackson, what are his true intentions for Ste?

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Darren and Mandy’s baby
Darren is concerned that he and Mandy are running out of time to decide whether they want to operate on their unborn baby who has Spina Bifida. While Mandy thinks an operation is their only option, Darren warns her about the dangers. He worries that Mandy could have the surgery without his consent.

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