It’s fair to say James Nightingale is far from the most popular person in Hollyoaks village and next week he faces falling victim to Breda after Mac gets on the wrong side of the village serial killer.

When Breda receives an anonymous letter with a picture of Louis’ burnt belongings.  she goes to meet her blackmailer and comes across Mac.

But is Mac the blackmailer or is he in the wrong place at the wrong time?

LOUIS BREDA(Picture: Lime) we all know what happened to the last dad that crossed her

Later Mac catches her as she is about to hit him over the head and she tells him that for the family’s sake she will kill James.

Breda starts to have doubts if she is doing the right thing and tries to buy herself more time including offering James and Harry some flight vouchers to try and get rid of them.

Will James or Harry work out what is going on and what will Mac do if Breda doesn’t follow through on her promise to kill James?

These episodes air from the 26th February


By Eastieoaks

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