March 11th

Tony is feeling guilty to hear that Imran is still blaming his anger issues on the attack on Ste. Tony overhears his plan to leave his family to go back to anger therapy.

Tony(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Sami convinces Imran not to go back to the counselling camp. Tony decides to tell Misbah and Sami that Ste taunted Imran into being violent. Imran returns home, where a teary Misbah and Yazz forgive him.

Ste’s new boss, Stuart, pays the coffee house a visit. Sami confronts Ste at The Bean while Stuart is there. Sami provokes him, and Ste pushes him to the floor. Stuart suspends Ste… then smiles discreetly at Jonny. What’s going on between these two?

Cracks appear in Sally and Myra’s wedding plans when Sally sees an awkward Myra fail to correct Father Marcus’s presumption that she’s marrying a man.

March 12th

Peri and Tony firmly believe that the rivalry between Ste and the Maaliks has gone on far too long, so Peri invites the Maaliks around for dinner. Ste is furious, but once Peri tells him his vendetta is affecting her, he agrees to go. .

Later, Stuart fires Ste for fighting with Sami, and tells him his feud with the Maaliks will give the coffee shop a bad image. We see Stuart and Jonny talk about Ste, and they reveal identical mysterious tattoos. It’s becoming clear they are attempting to recruit Ste for something, and are purposely aggravating Ste’s hatred for the Maaliks, and attempting to isolate him from his family.

Sally is angry at Myra for denying her in public. Myra tries to prove to her that she’s not ashamed. When Tony tells her he can’t meet her catering demands for the wedding, she tells him that he’s homophobic.

Meanwhile, Liberty is getting angry at Sami for not replying to her messages and rejecting her phone calls. Prompted by Sienna, Liberty confronts Sami.

March 13th

Ste can’t afford to pay the bills, especially not the holiday he promised Leah. Egged on by Jonny and Ste, Leah blames the Maaliks because Ste’s row with Sami got him fired, and shouts at Imran at school, and both Imran and Leah get in trouble. Laurie asks Ste and Sami to school, and they end up fighting.

LAURIE(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Ste is breaking down, and is about to smash up Sami’s car, but Jonny stops him. Jonny plays the hero, by managing to get Ste’s job back and offering to move in to help with bills etc. Peri overhears an offensive comment that Jonny makes.

Kameela takes a shine to Liberty. Kameela goes behind Sami’s back, and secretly invites her to lunch with the family.

Sally is crushed when she sees Myra’s childhood diary ‘my perfect wedding’, which is full of pictures of men. Nana takes Myra out on a second hen night in an attempt to get her excited about marrying Sally again

James and Harry are back from holiday. Mac is furious that Juliet still hates him tells Donna Marie that blood will be spilt unless he gets his family back.

March 14th

This special episode follows the Maaliks having a traditional Indian meal, and Ste being introduced to a group of friends, who, unknown to Ste, all have far right extremist views.

Peri confronts Ste about Jonny’s comments the night before. Jonny tells Ste that he’ll apologise and convinces him that his comment wasn’t racist, but in fact misconstrued. Ste, Lucas and Jonny go to a football match with Stuart and his friends. Ste is desperate to fit in, but feels out of his depth.

JONNY(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Stuart takes him under his wing, saying that he can fit into this group of mates. It doesn’t matter whether he’s gay, or into football, or an alcoholic. While they are talking Jonny and his friends are involved in a racially motivated attack outside.

Meanwhile, it’s all excitement as Kameela prepares a big lunch for special guest Liberty. Sami’s not pleased when he realises who the special guest is. Grace also turns up as a surprise guest, invited by Farrah.

March 15th

Mac’s putting Donna-Marie under pressure to get Juliet to like him. James is out for lunch with Romeo and Juliet. Donna-Marie arrives and asks Juliet to come home, but she ends up joining them. Mac’s watching through the window, and decides to join.

Mac tells Breda that she has to kill James before the court case starts.

LOUIS BREDA(Picture: Lime Pictures) Don’t cross Breda!

Peri doesn’t trust Jonny at all. He offers her a shift at the Teahouse, which she accepts.

Peri overhears Jonny and Stuart saying that it’s too early for Ste to find out…

Sally surprises Myra with a crucifix necklace, so that she can still be close to god when having a civil ceremony.

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