Monday 18th March

James asks Donna-Marie to be a witness in his court case against Mac. Breda breaks into the Cunningham’s and finds Mac’s laptop – just then, Donna-Marie and Mac enter…

Mac discovers a knitting needle Breda left in his house and confronts her. She tells him she can’t kill James…

Sylver’s celebrating his birthday in the Dog, and is so having the time of his life. Everyone gathers around to watch him open his gifts.

Lily decides she needs to move on, and asks Prince for a divorce. Later, Lily is clearly upset, but Romeo won’t answer her calls. She starts rummaging through her pencil case, and it seems she may want to self-harm, but Prince walks in.

Damon asks Grace over to look after Maxine for the afternoon. Grace thinks that Maxine is pregnant and tells Damon.

Tuesday 19th March

Breda tells Mac that he’s won, she will kill James the following day.

Meanwhile, James is preparing Cindy for her testimony against Mac tomorrow.

Later, he surprises Maxine with a boy or girl balloons and a big teddy … and Maxine tells Damon that she hasn’t been getting better, but didn’t want to burden him.

Prince is concerned for Lily. She tells him that she wanted to self-harm because Romeo didn’t answer the phone. Prince confronts Romeo and they end up fighting.

Nana tells Prince that Lily needs help, and he has to help her, even if they’re getting divorced. Prince meets Romeo so they can ask Diane for help. Diane tells Lily that they should go away to Wales for a few days, and then find her a therapist.

Wednesday 20th March

It’s the day of Mac’s trial. Breda shows Mac her murder weapon of choice, a vial of poison. He asks her to take a picture once she’s completed her task, and killed James…

Breda puts the poison in James’ coffee, but Juliet accidently spills it all over his suit. Breda lets herself in to James’ flat, but he finds her there. She makes the excuse of witnessing the coffee being spilled on his suit, and wanting to help clean it. She is alone with his coffee cup…

We see James collapse onto a park bench, while listening to a voicemail from Harry, confessing his love.

Cleo forgot the wedding favours for the double McQueen wedding! So she quickly rushes to Price Slice for some party poppers. Whilst there, Martine secretly tells Mitchell to go get her. Mitchell sees Cleo bagging up the wedding favours outside in the village. He offers his help and invites Cleo home.

Thursday 21st March

Mercedes is sick of Myra’s persistence on having a big extravagant wedding. Mercedes wants it to be understated.

Mitchell and Cleo are making the wedding favours, and sparks are flying between them. Just as they are about to kiss, Walter arrives… and isn’t pleased.

Friday 22nd March

Mitchell apologises to Cleo and asks if she still needs a date for the wedding. Goldie says yes for her. Myra offers to have a scaled down wedding so that she can still get married with Mercedes.

Liam sees the Myra and Mercedes drunk in the village. He smirks – what’s he planning?

By Eastieoaks

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