1. Damon and Maxine tell Minnie the good news that Damon is moving in with them. He gives her a gift of a toy parrot.

2. Liberty wants Sami to prove how much he likes her, and asks him on a scale of one to ten, one being nothing and ten being marriage, do you care for me? Sami says ten, and Liberty assumes their engaged.

3. Laurie and Sienna are getting the school kids on the bus for the camping trip. Once they get to the site, Sienna discovers her tent is ripped, and Laurie offers her his tent.

4. Tony and Scott ask Laurie to clear the air with Sinead ahead of Lily’s return and he agrees.

5. Unwelcome houseguest Breda is getting under Mercedes’ skin with her controlling nature. Prince tells Mercedes that Grace laid into The Dog on a social media post. She confronts her, and the women declare war on each other. Who can put on the biggest, ballsiest night… bar war has begun.

6. Oblivious to the dramas that have happened in her absence, a fragile Lily bumps into Romeo and discovers the tragic developments that have happened in her absence.

7. Mercedes and Grace are loving throwing shade at each other for their battle of the best night out. Mercedes hires Scott to perform in drag for her entertainment tonight, and she suggests he dresses as Grace! Later, Scott is in drag as Grace in front of a packed audience at The Dog.

By Eastieoaks

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