We opened with Liam having some weird hallucinations and waking to the sight of Joel while Maxine was still faking being ill.

Liam refused to stay in hospital despite Joel’s plea and hobbled off to deal with ‘business’

It was chaos at Jame’s house with Marnie missing underwear and James trying to keep his coffee down.

It wasn’t much better for Mercedes and Sylver who were all over each other and neglecting the kiddies but it’s ok nanny Breda was on hand to help.

A lovely scene was between Marnie and Juliet as she tried to mourn her dad, yep the violent lying, homophobic and abusive one.

Marnie Juliet(Picture: LIME)

Brody and Damon were still dreaming big having just opened a bar in Hollyoaks they were ambitious in thinking they could make it big in New York.

Sally rubbing Nana McQueen’s feet are scenes I could have really done without and if you listen closely you can hear me groan as Breda announced she was moving in with Mercedes and Sylver.

And look out Breda as James is on the hunt for Mac’s killer.

JAMES(Picture: LIME)

By Eastieoaks

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