Maxine was panicking and Sinead was jealous as Laurie was off camping with Sienna.

Liam was playing the nice guy act but Courtney wasn’t being fooled by it, Jesse was convinced that Liam has had an epiphany.

Liberty was planning a vegan feast but Sami wasn’t overjoyed when she mentioned having Brody come.

Sienna for once hasn’t actually done anything wrong and I am growing increasingly sick of Sinead and her shouty mouth always trying to start something.

Misbah was again being shouted at but for once it wasn’t by Ste I do wish the writers would give the woman a break ffs.

MISHBAH.jpg(Picture: LIME)

Tony was comparing Sinead and Laurie with Michelle and Barack Obama, while Laurie was manipulating Sally into letting Sienna come camping as a male and female teacher were needed.

Sami let slip to Liberty that he had slept with Sinead – oops.

Sinead reluctantly gave Sienna an apology and Damon was slowing losing it trying to busy himself with work and ran off.


Brody found Damon leading to a beautiful heart to heart between them and Sami tried to convince Liberty that he wasn’t carrying a torch for Sinead.

Maxine discharged herself from the hospital and he presented her with a stone? pebble? nope, it was a rock.

To end the episode we had Laurie who was sabotaging the sleeping bag with scissors.. just what does he have planned?



By Eastieoaks

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