The camping was doomed from the start after Laurie had purposely sabotaged the tent that Sienna was planning to use.

Liberty was busing making plans for dinner with Sinead, Sami and Brody.

Maxine was rushing ahead with telling people that she and Damon were moving in together.

Liam was still playing at being a barber and winding up Tony in the process.

Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its off camping we go.

Laurie.jpg(Picture: Lime)

Liberty can be quite sassy when she wants to be and Liam was acting as if he was on an audition for the Hollyoaks version of BGT.

Sienna was being propositioned by the ever-creepy Laurie who talked her into staying with him after he soaked himself.

Damon tried to explain to Minnie that he was moving in and gave her a toy parrot but he completely fluffed it even bringing up Holly.

DAMON(Picture: Lime)

Tony was witness to a new kiss between Sami and Sinead, lets see how long before that little secret is exposed.

It seems like a restless night for Sienna who spent it tossing an turning…

By Eastieoaks

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