EastEnders – 7:30pm

It’s Boxing Day in Albert Square and as Karen prepares to host a family meal with Kandice, she is stunned when Mitch turns up asking to see Keegan. After Karen sends him on his way, the family sit down for dinner with Kandice but chaos ensues when Karen realises her sister is hiding Mitch in the bathroom. How will Keegan react to seeing his father again and can he forgive him?

Meanwhile, Keegan offers Louise an olive branch and invites her over for the family dinner. However, as Karen deals with Kandice and Mitch. Keanu struggles to focus on the dinner when he receives a voicemail from Sharon. Keanu is stunned however when Louise arrives and tries to kiss him. Despite his initial refusal, he soon kisses her back.

Kim is in high spirits as she returns to the Square with her baby but Denise sees through the act and fears she is struggling without Vincent. Outside, Denise and Kim bump into Phil and thank him for what he did.

Emmerdale – 7:00pm

Jessie is optimistic about having the family unit back together.

The police arrive in the village

Diane attempts to talk about Bernice’s up-coming 50th Birthday. Bernice quickly shuts her down and refuses to talk about her age.

Bob’s problems worsen when Pollard demands he pay his B&B bill.

Tracy reveals to Leyla her plans to host her own party in the café.

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