Coronation Street

1st Episode

Nick takes a call from his financial advisor who explains he has some urgent news for Audrey. Audrey calls the financial advisor on Nick’s request and she faints. Gail, David, Nick and Sarah gather round as Audrey admits all the money from Archie has been stolen from her account.

Mary’s private detective tells her Jude was last seen at a B&B in Blackpool and cajoles Roy into the trip. Mary asks Jude to come home however Jude tells her he can’t as he owes the B&B owner £500. While Mary heads off to find a cashpoint, Jude turns to his new girlfriend Kelly and painting himself as a surgeon, makes out Mary is one of his patients!

In a bid to win Chesney’s heart, Emma tries being more like Gemma. Chesney’s taken aback. Gemma reckons she looks amazing.

Paul calls in the pub looking for work but Johnny explains they’re fully staffed. Billy tells Paul to meet him at 3pm as he might have some good news for him.

2nd Episode

With Gail, Nick, David and Sarah present, Audrey reports the missing money to the Police who show her CCTV footage of a woman drawing out cash. Later, Audrey sits alone on Maxine’s bench and breaks down in tears.

Mary returns to the B&B with £800 but when Kelly refers to Jude as Dr Ken Barlow, Roy realises that Jude is up to his old tricks. Kelly blows Jude’s story wide open to Mary and Roy but still, Mary gives Jude the benefit of the doubt and handing him the £800 tells him she’ll wait for him in the car.

When Gemma receives a crank phone call, she reckons Emma’s behind it and confronts her in the cafe.

Billy talks Carla into giving Paul a job at the factory as part of the government’s rehabilitation scheme for ex-cons. Paul thanks Billy for his help and looks at him in a new light.


Cagey Bernice tries to hide her package of Botox from Kerry and Liam. Later Kerry starts to inject Bernice with the Botox, Leanna takes a morbid interest. Panic sets in when they realise Bernice is having a reaction to the toxins and is suddenly struggling to breathe. At the hospital, Bernice is rushed into A&E. A Doctor returns and explains Bernice has suffered an allergic reaction. Liam arrives and is furious at Kerry’s stupidity. As Diane, Gabby, Nicola and Jimmy arrive, they are in shock as the doctor reveals Bernice’s face could be permanently paralysed.

Moira is beside herself when she can’t get hold of Cain. Later, the family are shocked as Cain virtually falls through the door, bloodied and bruised.

Charity pressures Vanessa to spill what she knows about Ryan…

Harriet is impressed when Dawn reveals she’s heading out to and NA meeting and Pearl makes an admission about her past..

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