Monday 25th February 1st episode

CLAYTON UNDERTAKES A DARING PLAN Billy offers to accompany Shona to the funeral. When they arrive Macca tells her she is not welcome and Clayton wants nothing to do with her. It soon becomes evident to Shona that something is afoot as Macca and Clayton exchange conspiratorial glances.
CARLA BURIES HER HEAD IN THE SAND Roy urges Carla to tell Abi the truth. However they’re interrupted by Shona who reveals that the police are downstairs wanting to question Carla. Carla is stunned when Gary says the factory roof is not safe, the job will cost £60k and he needs half the money upfront for materials and that the factory will be closed for several weeks.
AMY RECEIVES UNWANTED NEWS Tracy hands Amy a letter from the hospital regarding her next scan. Steve tells Tracy and Amy he has upped the offer on the place on Victoria Street and gazumped Claudia.
ELSEWHERE Sally calls Gina a thief prompting Gina to decide to go and stay with a friend in Newcastle. David enlists Gail’s help to measure up the shelf for his stuffed weasel. Whilst Sinead starts her radiotherapy, Daniel beavers away on his essay. Sinead worries that he’s trying to do too much.

Monday 25th February 2nd episode

DAVID FEARS HIS FAMILY ARE IN GRAVE DANGER Shona and Billy are shocked when Macca and one of the undertakers attack the prison guard and free Clayton. Billy wrestles Macca to the ground but Clayton escapes. David’s horrified to discover Clayton’s done a runner and Shona’s been arrested. Convinced Clayton will come after his kids, David orders Sarah to start packing their things as they’ve no choice but to leave. Nick tells David they can move into Victoria Court with him. A fraught Shona returns home. David hugs her, relieved to have her home safe. However when Shona admits she’s worried about Clayton as he’s on the run and all alone, David’s furious and points out that his kids’ lives are in danger as a result and if he catches Clayton before the police do, he’ll kill him. Shona’s devastated.

ROY LEAVES CARLA OUT ON A LIMB Roy tells Carla he’d like her to find somewhere else to live.  Carla’s deeply hurt.
TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR AMY Over dinner in Speed Daal, Steve, Tracy and Amy celebrate their new house. When Steve suggests they could find out the sex of the baby at the scan, Amy squirms.

ELSEWHERE Clearly stressed, Daniel admits to Roy that he’s struggling to juggle his MA, his job at the bistro and looking after Sinead and the baby.

Wednesday 27th February 1st episode

AMY’S LIES ARE OUT OF CONTROL Tracy takes the day off to spend some quality time with Amy before the scan. Amy secretly wonders how she’s going to get out of it. When Tracy drops her at the salon for some pampering Bethany urges her to tell her parents the truth. Back at home Amy locks herself in the bedroom and refuses to go for the scan.

SHONA CAN’T ESCAPE THE TRUTH Shona assures David that if there were anything she could do to help the police find Clayton, she would do it.
DANIEL’S UNDER PRESSURE When Daniel admits that he’s struggling with his essay, Sinead persuades him to let Brian take a look at it while he spends some time with his son. Disaster strikes when Brian spills coffee over the laptop and his essay is due in today.
ELSEWHERE Fed up with clearing up after Paul, Rita suggests to Gemma that it’s time he found somewhere else to live. Paul puts on a brave face and promises to find somewhere else. Gemma’s grateful.

Kevin and Jack arrive back from their holiday. When Gina explains about the missing money and how everyone thinks she’s a thief, a sheepish Kevin admits that he took the money thinking it was a gift from Sophie.

Wednesday 27th February 2nd episode

SHONA IS TORN BETWEEN HER PAST AND HER FUTURE David is furious when he discovers that Shona attempted to supply drugs to Clayton and that someone broke into the house. David’s stunned and orders her to pack up and get out. As Shona climbs in David’s car, Clayton gets into the back and orders her to follow his instructions and drive.
KEVIN FIGHTS GINA’S CORNER Kevin accompanies Gina to the Rovers and explains to Sally, Tim, Beth and Carla that he mistakenly took the party money and Gina is entirely innocent. Kevin begs Gina to think twice about leaving and offers her a bed at No.13 for as long as she likes. Gina’s grateful.
ELSEWHERE Gemma assures Rita that Paul will soon be out of her hair as he’s hoping for a place at a the new bail hostel. Claudia’s appalled to hear they’re going to have a bail hostel on their doorstep and Billy despairs at her lack of charity. When Cathy and an apologetic Brian explain how they spilt coffee over Daniel’s laptop and fear his essay is gone forever, Sinead’s unfazed and reckons Daniel will have backed up his work on the cloud. Having restored Daniel’s essay, Brian’s relieved.

Friday 1st March
SHONA IS STUCK WITH A SON OF A GUN ON THE RUN Shona speaks to Clayton on the phone (we did not see where she took him in the last episode) and steals £3k from David’s tin in the house she meets up with Clayton at the derelict warehouse where she took him last night. She gives him food and begs him to hand himself in. Clayton grabs the cash off her and makes a run for it but realises the place is surrounded by police. Meanwhile back at the house David discovers the money has gone but is convinced Sarah took it. A police negotiator calls Clayton’s phone and he tells them he has taken Shona hostage. David is stunned when the police arrive at the house and tell him what has happened. He and Nick race to the derelict building but are told to stay behind the cordon. Putting a knife to Shona’s back, Clayton drags her out of the building and demands £10k and a car or she dies. David watches in horror.

VICKY AND TRACY LOCK HORNS Tracy argues with Vicky about Amy and the baby. Vicky lunges at Tracy, pointing out that Tyler could have ended up on the Sex Offenders’ Register. As Tyler pulls them apart, Tracy rails at Robert for employing a rapist.
CLAUDIA IS A WOMAN OF PROPERTY Claudia asks Ken to go wth her to view the flat on Victoria Street. Ken tells her he is looking forward to her moving in round the corner. But when Claudia tells Maria the council plans to build a local bail hostel, she worries the place will be awash with criminals.

Ken and Claudia - Coronation Street - ITV
KEN AND BRIAN FLEX THEIR ACADEMIC MUSCLES Daniel despairs about his academic ability following the lecturer’s praise of the work that was really Brian’s. As Brian prepares to help some more Ken muscles in saying he also has an English degree and should be helping.
ELSEWHERE Eileen asks Steve if he will give Seb a job as a valeter at Street Cars. Steve offers Seb the job at the cab office, only to find Tim has already employed Abi, who he’s also agreed can stay at number 4.

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