Following her accident life isn’t set to get any easier for Rhona and Pete following the news she will need a hysterectomy.

Rhona(Picture ITV)

Next week Rhona’s worried to hear how soon her hysterectomy will be, especially as she’s unsure where she stands with Pete. Rhona tries to bury her reservations about their future together as Pete offers his support but later, Pete’s utterly miserable when Rhona suggests he moves out until they can process the situation.

Pete(Picture ITV)

He puts on a brave face for Leo, but both his and Rhona’s hearts are breaking as he leaves. The next day, tired and in pain, Rhona’s tempted by her prescription for stronger painkillers. Later, Pete’s upset when Rhona won’t let him move back in and Rhona tells a concerned Vanessa that she needs to keep Pete at arm’s length. Vanessa, however, urges a dejected Pete not to give up on Rhona, she needs him now more than ever.


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