When Cain criticises Debbie’s parenting she publicly slaps him, leaving him stunned. Later, Cain and Debbie reach a stand-off when he refuses to leave the village. Debbie warns stunned Kerry to keep Cain out of Kyle’s life. The next day, as Kerry frets over Debbie’s warning a raging Cain threatens both Kerry and Dan but Kerry’s determined to stand up to him.

The next day, Debbie is alarmed to hear Kerry’s meeting social services that morning and tries to retract her words. It falls on deaf ears and Kerry puts her case to the social worker, confident she’ll get custody of Kyle. Meanwhile, guilty Debbie warns Cain what’s going on and he takes his anger out on Dan and is horrified to be caught red-handed by the social worker. Later when Dan points out to Kerry that they may not be first choice for custody of Kyle, Kerry wonders if there’s another way and she quizzes Pollard on Amy’s whereabouts. Determined to find information on Amy, Kerry sneaks into Pollard’s barn, will she find what she is looking for?

Liv attempts to make plans for Jacob’s 16th birthday but is put out by his lack of interest and admits to Gabby that Jacob seems to be bored of her. The next day, Liv’s thrown to see Jacob on her doorstep and when she awkwardly gives him a present, a guilty Jacob assures her he loves it. Jacob’s worried when Maya sees Liv kiss him.

The next day, Maya suggests to Jacob they take their ‘study session’ somewhere more private.  Jacob’s nervous but excited as Maya leads him up to his bedroom. Thrown by the visual reminders of Jacob’s youth, an uneasy Maya makes her excuses and leaves the bedroom.

The next day, however, Maya suggests meeting in the summerhouse for her ‘present’. In preparation for his night with Maya, Jacob adds romantic touches to the summerhouse, but is surprised when Liv arrives. Jacob is forced to think fast and he tells her it’s all for her. To Jacob’s horror, Liv contemplates having sex with him. Meanwhile, outside the summerhouse, angry Maya has seen everything …

ALSO:  Robert’s gutted to miss out on a haulage contract, which could have funded their surrogacy.

Robert and Aaron fill Chas and Paddy in on their surrogacy plans and Chas encourages Aaron not to give up on the surrogacy, whatever it costs.

Graham lulls Megan into a false sense of security and she says the ‘L’ word.  Billy asks Tracy out on a date

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