Monday 4th March 1st Episode

SHONA FACES THE MOTHER ALL CHOICES Shona tries to talk to Clayton and manages to distract him and kick the knife away from him and across the floor. She runs out to be faced with a wall of armed officers, as she runs back into the building a terrified David watches with his heart in his mouth. Will Shona get out alive? Shona staggers from the building covered in blood and sinks to the ground. David watches in anguish. Is history repeating itself?

SARAH FINDS A KNIGHT IN SHINING WORK BOOTS As Sarah struggles to look after the kids, she realises with horror that Max is missing. Seb rescues Max from the tram station and returns him to Sarah. Sarah’s grateful and promises to ask Gary if he will give him his job back. Seb’s chuffed.

CLAUDIA’S CHAMPAGNE FALLS FLAT Claudia’s horrified to find out from Sally that the council plans to build the bail hostel immediately opposite her new flat.

ELSEWHERE Lolly calls in the bistro and shows Kate her wedding ideas folder. Ali and Ryan are instantly smitten. Ali tells Ryan and Kate he’s had enough of the bistro and he’s going to return to the medical profession. Brian and Cathy book a table at Speed Daal, explaining that every week they have a date night. Geoff is given food for thought. When Summer suggests they should have a meeting at Speed Daal to discuss how best to campaign for the bail hostel, Billy and Paul wonder if she’s trying to set them up.

Monday 4th March 2nd Episode

SHONA HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS BUT WHO’S? The paramedics and David rush to the aid of a bloodied Shona and she and Clayton are rushed to A&E.

SEB’S GOT A SECRET CRUSH Sarah discovers that Gary is paying Seb a reduced wage, less than his other builders, and puts things right insisting Gary pay him the same amount. A grateful Seb looks at her wistfully.

THREE’S A CROWD FOR KATE, RANA AND LOLLY Rana is annoyed when she finds a drunk Kate and Lolly in Speed Dahl making wedding plans without consulting her.

ELSEWHERE When Geoff suggests they have a night out and that he’ll stay over, Yasmeen paints on a smile but it’s clear she’s worried.

Wednesday 6th March 1st Episode

SEB READS TOO MUCH INTO THINGS It’s Seb’s 18th birthday party and unaware that Eileen and Faye are planning a surprise party for him he thinks everyone has forgotten. Pleased to see Sarah and Gary at loggerheads he is thrilled when she says she has a birthday surprise for him later. Meanwhile Sarah apologises to Gary for arguing and tells him to meet her at number 8 where she has a surprise for him. Eager to get rid of Seb whilst she prepares the surprise party Eileen tells Seb that Sarah is looking for him. Seb calls at No.8 to find the door open. He lets himself in and finds a note from
Sarah which reads “In the bath, waiting for you!”.  Seb heads upstairs, unable to believe his luck.

YASMEEN DODGES GEOFF’S PASSIONATE EMBRACE Geoff arrives at No.6 with flowers for Yasmeen and his overnight bag. Yasmeen’s clearly uncomfortable and making excuses hurries out.

ELSEWHERE Gemma makes herself at home at No.5 and offers to do the shopping. Chesney returns home and fondly surveys the pile of dirty plates. Gemma’s oblivious. Lolly talks Kate into ordering completely different flowers to the ones Rana wanted. When Lolly suggests they have a night on the town, Kate’s all for it and Rana feels left out. Rana asks Imran if he’ll walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Imran’s touched.

Wednesday 6th March 2nd Episode

THE PARTY IS OVER FOR SEB Seb returns from Sarah’s to the surprise party but what had happened at number 8 and what will happen when Gary arrives at Seb’s party, does he know what went on?

YASMEEN LEAVES GEOFF DEFLATED Yasmeen confides in Cathy that she is scared of letting Geff stay over as she has only ever slept with Sharif. She goes home to explain to Geoff how will he react?

ELSEWHERE Chesney suggests to Gemma she should move in on a permanent basis and they have Joseph’s blessing. Gemma’s chuffed to bits.

Thursday 7th March

A CRUEL PRANK CEMENTS SEB’S ANGER When Seb hears Anton and the other foreign builders sharing a joke he is convinced it is about him and squares up to Anton. Later in the pub he can’t hold back his anger and has a go at Gary about Sarah, a scuffle ensues and Seb finds himself out of a job.

NICK GETS AN UNWANTED VISITOR Nick is flirtatious when a woman he recognises from a nearby salon pops into the barbers but the wind is taken out of his sails when she reveals she is Rachel the owner of his rival salon and intends to put him out of business.

RANA DECIDES TO SUCK IT AND SEE Lolly is upset when she hears Alya telling Kate that Rana is fed up of Lolly’s interfering. Kate reassures Rana that she is the most important person in her life so Rana decides to give Lolly another chance.

ELSEWHERE Yasmeen and Geff agree to try again but Geoff slips and puts his back out in Speed Daal leaving her no option but to ask him to move in whilst he recovers. As Paul helps Gemma move into No.5. Chesney’s taken aback at the amount of luggage.

Friday 8th March 1st Episode

DAVID AND NICK’S OPENING EVENT IS A BLOODY AFFAIR Andrea tells Nick he has delivered all the fliers but they are shocked when they see how many people are at the door. All becomes clear when a typo on the fliers means they have to give £1 hair cuts. When one customer shows them blood on his neck and is photographed by the local paper, claiming David cut him, it soon becomes evident that Rachel meant what she said about sabotaging their new business. Meanwhile at the factory Carla is conducting some new business of her own.

GARY IS READY TO HIT THE ROOF Carla tells Gary she has a leak in the ceiling and wants him to fix it as cheaply as possible, Gary reminds her that the whole roof needs replacing but Carla says he is just after more money.

ROBERT AND MICHELLE ARE TRYING Michelle assures Robert she wants a baby as much as he does.  Robert kisses her fondly. Vicky calls in the bistro and begs Robert to give Tyler another chance.  Robert’s torn.

ELSEWHERE Milking his bad back for all it’s worth, Geoff calls in Speed Daal where he parks his backside and orders up some nibbles, Yasmeen realises his game. James calls at No.9 with Cerberus in tow and reveals how he became parted from Evelyn and hoped that she’d made her own way home. Tyrone’s alarmed, wondering what could have happened to her. Tyrone and James set about phoning round the hospitals in the hope of finding Evelyn. Faye tries to get Seb his job back but Gary has taken on a new builder called Jan.

Friday 8th March 2nd Episode

NICK HAS MORE THAN A CLOSE SHAVE David and Nick fear the opening is a disaster as the waiting punters get angry and Tommy Orpington threatens to leave. Is the business finished before it has begun? Meanwhile with Nick otherwise engaged Carla ramps up her plans to outsource production to a cheaper factory, when Beth spots some info on Carla’s computer Carla assures her if she keeps quiet she will make it worth her while.

MICHELLE HAS A BOMBSHELL FOR ROBERT Robert tells Vicky that he can’t take Tyler back on but he has got him a job at a mate’s cafe in Macclesfield. He also tells Billy that he would like to train up ex offenders from the bail hostel. But he suddenly has other things on his mind when Michelle tells him she thinks she might be pregnant.

GARY FAILS TO GET THE JOB Gary reveals to Carla that he has hired Jan to help him with the factory roof, Carla reiterates that she is not getting a new roof until absolutely necessary. Meanwhile Seb is less than impressed when Jan charms Eileen

ELSEWHERE Tyrone explains to Craig that Evelyn’s gone missing in Paris. Craig promises to ask around at the police station. Geoff admits that he’s been milking his injury as he enjoys staying at No.6 and doesn’t want to go home. Yasmeen is touched. Yasmeen tells Geoff she loves him and invites him to move into her room. Geoff kisses her and admits that he loves her too.


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