Holby City started back in January 1999 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year so is a perfect time to rewind to the start and enjoy all over again.

The very first episode titled Whose Heart Is It Anyway? throws us right into the action as Consultant Anton Meyer (played by George Irving ) bursts onto the wards and shows us who is boss by threatening to undo what work he has already done.

“What’s your success rate?” – Nick Jordan

100% – Anton Meyer

“I thought it might be” – Nick Jordan

HOLBY-Ep1_02-UKTV(Photo: BBC)

A reluctant Jasmine (played by Angela Griffin) Chloe (played by Jan Anderson) and Nick are against the clock as they fly to Cornwall on a mission to collect a donor’s heart.

Arriving back at Holby the donor’s heart is put in place but will the first operation of the series be successful?


Holby City starts on Monday 11th March at 10am on the Drama Channel


By Eastieoaks

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