‘A Simple Lie, Part One’

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(Pictures Credit to BBC)

A desperate Ange pleads with Holly’s family to see reason but when the high court ruling comes back the anger finally boils over with devastating consequences for Fletch.

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Rics son Kofi arrives at Holby wanting to find out what’s going on with Darla. Struggling to keep his granddaughters pregnancy a secret Ric battles to keep his family together and do what’s right for everyone.

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An excited Zosia is looking forward to working with Frieda, only she doesn’t get the reception she was expecting. As the pair team up to tackle a case, Zosia does her best to win over Frieda with hilarious results.

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Amy Lennox – Chloe Godard
Dawn Steele – Ange Godard
Alex Walkinshaw – Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
Jaye Jacobs – Donna Jackson
Marcus Griffiths – Xavier “zav” Duval
Hugh Quarshie – Ric Griffin
David Ames – Dominic Copeland
Olga Fedorí – Frieda Petrenko
Bob Barrett – Sacha Levy
Guy Henry – Henrik Hanssen
Rosie Marcel – Jac Naylor
Belinda Owusu – Nicky Mckendrick
Nic Jackman – Cameron Dunn
Catherine Russell – Serena Campbell
Stanley Rabbetts – Theo Fletcher
Richard Pepple – Kofi Johnstone
Naomi Katiyo – Darla Johnstone
Camilla Arfwedson – Zosia Self
Marianne Oldham – Ruth Cooper
Emma Curtis – Holly Cartwright
Christopher Harper – Michael Cartwright

This episode airs on Tuesday 12th March

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