Monday 18th March Episode 1

HAS THE SHIP SAILED FOR PETER AND CARLA? Carla’s shocked to learn Peter has bought a new boat and is leaving today. Kate urges to Carla to go after him and tell him how she really feels. As they stop outside Freshcos, en route to Southampton, Ken sees a call coming through from Carla and before Peter can stop him he reveals they’re parked up. Jumping into Ken’s car, Carla tells a stunned Peter she loves him and begs him not to go.

RANA FEARS HER WEDDING IS IN TATTERS When Imran hands Rana a wedding gift from their mother she breaks down, wishing her mum was there to share her big day. When Kate suggests they postpone the wedding will an emotional Rana agree?

THE WORKERS SHAKE THE FACTORY WITH THEIR PROTEST As Nick assures Leanne that Carla won’t get away with her plans to cut him out of the business, the factory staff plan to protest about Carla’s intentions by occupying the factory. Joined by Gemma and Emma they swarm into the building.

ELSEWHERE Finding him up early, Gail wishes Gary a happy birthday. With the house to themselves, a flirtatious Sarah tells Gary she intends to spoil him. When Natalie sends Nick a selfie showing she’s at Audrey’s having her hair done, he and David are suitably worried.

Monday 18th March Episode 2

SALLY AND GINA BRING THE ROOF DOWN As the staff barricade themselves into the factory, Sally and Gina climb onto the scaffolding clutching homemade banners. Up on the roof, a row erupts between the sisters where months of tensions come spilling out. Suddenly the roof gives way, Sally screams as she falls before the whole roof caves in burying everyone under a cloud of rubble.

RANA SAYS I DO TO THE WEDDING Rana insists they go ahead with the wedding and as she gets ready she calls Kate to tell her how much she loves her. But as she gets into her dress she’s hit by a sudden realisation and rushes out. Where is Rana headed?

CARLA IS CAST ADRIFT As Carla begs Peter to stay he’s incredulous, likening her to alcohol and admitting he loves her but she’s bad for him, Peter tells Ken it’s time to go. Carla’s heartbroken, can Peter really drive away?

ELSEWHERE Natalie challenges Nick to a game of table football, explaining that if she loses, she’ll leave town empty-handed but if she wins, she expects cash or a job. Nick takes her up on her crazy proposal. Who will come out on top?

Wednesday 20th March Episode 1

THE FACTORY IS SENT TO THE UNDERWORLD As Sally lies unconscious, trapped under the falling debris, the bodies of the protestors can be seen slumped next to each other as water from a burst pipe seeps across the floor towards a live power cable. Tim, Abi and Tyrone force their way into the factory to help before emergency services arrive to search for survivors. Suddenly a loud noise signals the last section of the roof collapsing as debris rains in on those still trapped.

RANA KEEPS KATE WAITING At the wedding venue a nervous Kate paces up and down as she waits for Rana, wondering if she’s had a change of heart. A phone call from Rana explains everything, will the wedding go ahead?

Wednesday 20th March Episode 2

KATE AND RANA FACE THE TRUTH As Kate talks to Rana on the phone she’s insistent they can still go ahead with their union. Will the couple get to exchange the vows that mean so much to them?

CARLA MAKES A CONFESSION Stood outside the ruins of the factory Carla’s consumed with guilt. A devastated Carla reveals that she knew the roof was unsafe but chose to ignore it. As news of a death inside the factory is delivered Carla breaks down.

DAVID EYES NICK UP WITH SUSPICION David confronts Nick, wondering if he’s to blame for the factory collapse and if he was intending to pull an insurance scam.

By Eastieoaks

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