The day of Rana’s funeral and with Carla being nowhere around Johnny was sticking by Kate, while Wayne was still hanging around like a bad smell.

Imran wasn’t happy either with the formalities for Rana’s funeral and Kate was trying to make the best of a bad thing by letting Saira have a Muslim burial.

Saira was being her usual cold-hearted self and despite disowning Rana was now intent on playing the grieving mother and trying to block Kate from anything relating to giving Rana a sendoff.

I mean seriously WTF this is the woman that not too long ago was trying to orchestrate the kidnap of her own daughter in order to keep her and Kate apart.


Sally was still feeling sorry for herself and Alya wasn’t in the mood for her, Robert became the unfortunate victim of window cleaner in the face and Wayne, Brian and Roy were talking about the ring Sylvia has left Roy and it’s origins.

03-27_CORO-3(Picture: ITV)

If there is someone that is proving to be a good sibling at the moment for it has to be Imran who seems to dislike his mum more and more in every scene they share.

Will Saira listen to Imran and let Kate say goodbye to the woman she loved?

By Eastieoaks

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