Kim turns up at Butler’s farm to talk to Moira and meets her match in feistiness. Moira rejects her offer of money for the farm and when Kim falls into the mud, she’s humiliated and dangerous. Cain’s unsettled as Moira tells him about her face off with Kim, worrying it could fall back on him.

The next day, Kim quietly simmers when the village vets practice reject her offers of a contract with her equestrian centre, especially as it’s clear Moira was involved. When Kim and Moira face off in the pub, a wary Cain, uneasy at the news that Graham’s left, knows this is dangerous territory. Later at Home Farm, Kim’s thrown to receive a note from Graham but hastily composes herself as Cain arrives.

When Kim tries it on with him, he calls her bluff but then knocks her back, leaving her humiliated. When Graham returns and tells Kim he’s going nowhere they both know she’s secretly relieved, making it clear they’re equals now. Kim shares her plan to pull Cain’s life apart piece by piece and Graham’s perturbed to hear how she plans to use Noah…

Rhona’s emotions get the better of her during Leo’s visit. She’s quick to play it down, but Pete’s not convinced by her explanation. When she resists Pete’s help, and tries to conceal her hot flushes, he starts to figure out the truth. He asks if it’s the menopause but Rhona defensively denies, secretly despairing to know he’s right and she can’t admit it.

The next day, Marlon warns Paddy he needs to tell Rhona about Chas’ pregnancy before someone else does. Paddy bites the bullet and tells Rhona. She seemingly takes it well and tells him he deserves his happiness determined to be happy for her friend. Reassuring Pete she can handle Paddy’s news, Rhona sends him to the pub, then finally gives in to her tears. Marlon’s shocked to find her so distraught but will she open up to him and if so what will happen?

Jacob and Maya sneak into Tug Ghyll cottage and head upstairs. When Tracy returns home unexpectedly and hears noises upstairs, a panicking Maya has to think fast and tells Tracy Leyla’s upstairs with a man. Later, when she sees Leyla chatting to Billy outside, Tracy darkens, assuming they were upstairs together. When she furiously confronts Billy and Leyla, a guilt-stricken Jacob looks on, knowing he’s responsible for the fallout and could the lie backfire even more?

Vanessa’s bemused by Charity’s behaviour when she can’t face talking to Belle and wants some answers. Unable to hold her secret any longer, a despairing Charity tells a stunned Vanessa her news. As Vanessa processes the news she does her best to comfort a vulnerable Charity.

Also this week

Chas and Paddy tell the Dingles their baby news.

Outraged to hear the school’s proposal of a four-day week, Nicola realises she could use the issue to get herself voted onto the council.

Amy tries not to raise her hopes when Kerry tells her Kyle asked after her but Kerry is thrilled at Amy’s decision to stay for a while.

Rishi and Manpreet return but dread telling Jai their news.


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