It’s a big week for Jean Slater next week as she faces up to the reality of her round of first chemotherapy.

The week kicks off when Jean lies to Shirley and Linda so she can go to her hospital appointment alone but later confides in them that being alone made her panic.

Jean admits she’s scared of chemotherapy and Linda teases Shirley about her fear of heights to try and reassure Jean, but it gives her an idea of how she and Shirley can face their fears.

O2(Picture: BBC)

Jean and Shirley prepare to face their fears but can they both overcome them?

Jean anxiously waits for her first round of chemotherapy and is touched when Stacey accompanies her and Shirley to the appointment.

TX 01 April Shirley and Jean.jpg(Picture: BBC)

At the hospital, Shirley encourages Jean to write a list of things she wants to achieve to distract her but when Stacey gets a text from Ruby, Jean urges her to go.

These episodes will air on BBC One from Monday 1st April

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