Keanu was trying to be a nice guy to Louise who wasn’t happy with how he acted at the sight of her and another guy.

Tiffany was pushing to get money and Whitney was disparaging at what was going on.

Sharon wasn’t having much luck either when her card got declined.

Tiffany had a heart-to-heart with Bernadette and agreed to stay another night but left Sonia upset when she started stealing money and Dot’s jewellery.

EE-28th-01(Picture: BBC)

Patrick was still acting as if he was Walford’s answer to Alan Sugar and I have already grown tired of this crap plot.

Another person I could do without seeing is dull-as-dishwater Adam who went to help Habiba at Walford East but even that turned to chaos when much to Iqra’s and Kathy’s annoyance they got into a flour fight.

(Picture: BBC)

Sonia and Tiffany came to blows and Tiffany lashed out at Sonia leading to Tiffany being locked in a room and promptly escaped through the window.

With nowhere left to turn Sonia told Jack the girl she was talking about is Tiffany, but when they returned they found Tiffany had escaped.

With people on his back, Phil forged Ben’s signature to get control of The Arches.

After Bernadette mentioned Ted’s flat, Whitney, Sonia and Jack rushed in and were meant with the horrifying sight of Tiffany cradling a badly beaten Evie.

EE EVIE.png(Picture: BBC)