Straight back into where last night left off and a beaten Evie was in a bad way and Phil was using lame excuses to brush off Sharon.

Sharon was looking out for Louise and with Keanu hanging around wasn’t happy.

Jack dropped off Evie at the hospital and Tiffany insisted it was too late to help her.

Jack tried a different approach and Tiffany agreed to let him help her and Evie. After some encouragement from Tiffany, Jack took Evie and Tiffany back home and got Evie to give the names of those involved to the police in exchange for protection. Meanwhile, Sonia and Whitney were blaming themselves for what happened and when they realised Evie had gone they rushed back to the Square to find her getting into a police car.

EVIE.png(Picture: BBC)

Despite Denise and Kim making money, Patrick wanted to invest in a unisex salon and Mitch was stunned to discover Gray is Chantelle’s husband.

Kathy knew Phil was up to something and phoned Ben urging him to come home.

It might be over for Evie but with things about to get worse for Tiffany, it is far from all over for her.

By Eastieoaks

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