Gary was being weird making ‘your mum’ jokes, and Sarah was reminding the other builders that if they had done the work required then maybe the factory roof might not have collapsed.

Imran was in a state and knew Nick was hiding something about Carla and where she was – not that she would tell him where she is.

Toyah was being supportive but Imran is pushing her away as he tries to work out exactly who to blame for the factory roof.

Gina was telling Kevin she was moving on and how Sally hates the sight of her.

Next stop for Imran was to see Michelle and try to get the whereabouts of Carla from her, again no luck.

03-29_Michelle Imran(Picture: ITV)

A quick chat to Beth in the cafe about how she thinks she heard something and that nobody was meant to be in the factory got Imran thinking.

Seb has a job on the same building site as Gary what could possibly go wrong now?

Imran was next trying to interrogate Wayne in the street and blame Carla.

Cuddly Ken has become such a second rate character it was nice to see him welcome home baby Bertie.

Ryan was busy spying for Michelle not that it did him any good except get him the sack.

Oh, tough shit Gary has had his tools nicked and his motor smashed.


Sally was busying reliving the events of recent times with Wayne who put her mind at rest telling her that the collapse was not her fault.

Sarah was pointing the finger of blame at Seb who hasn’t actually done anything wrong this time and didn’t nick Gary’s tools.

Rick (Greg Wood) was back and intimidating Gary into repaying 20k.

GARY RICK.jpg(Picture: ITV)

After continuing to snap at everyone Imran finally snapped.

MELTDOWN.jpg(Picture: ITV)


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