Ben was back and it wasn’t long before it was revealed he is up to no good.

As Ruby relived her ordeal in court she began to struggle. Ross watched on but Matt is clearly struggling also. Stacey was trying to hide her nerves when she was called to the stand but as she was questioned by the defence, she started to unravel. Stacey was beating herself up for messing things up but Ruby realised giving evidence has brought back painful memories of Archie when Stacey admits she never got to face him.


At the Arches, Ben discovered what Phil had been up to but as Phil was trying to explain, Danny arrived wanting his money. Ben paid off Danny much to Phil’s surprise and told him how he wanted in – he has been doing really well in Portugal. Back at The Vic, Kathy was relieved that Ben had sorted things, but when he joined Lola she told him she couldn’t keep lying to everyone but Ben was quick to reassure her.

BEN LOLA.png(Picture: BBC)

Just what does Ben have planned?

By Eastieoaks

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