Ben (now played by Max Bowden) was back in Walford with Lola and Lexi and it wasn’t long before he was showing that he hasn’t become the nice guy he appeared to be, just what is his game? and Lola, well it took all of 5 seconds for her to start messing with her ‘pops’.

Both Louisa Lytton (Ruby) and Lacey Turner (Stacey) gave a brilliant performance as Ruby and Stacey who both took a visit to Archie Mitchell’s grave. Stacey who unlike Ruby never got to see Archie in court finally admitted that what she did was wrong but she had paid a lot worse with the loss of Bradley and that Archie wasn’t worthy of her time or tears, he couldn’t hurt her.

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Jack who doesn’t really get much of a plot lately except to be involved in the stories of other characters, tried to get Tiffany to report her rape to the police but Tiffany stood firm and told him how she just wanted to move on but did agree to visit a sexual health clinic.

Maisie Smith has made the change in Tiffany from a young kid to troubled teen very well and I think the fact that she wasn’t recast is a good thing as Maisie has lots of potential going forward.

It is fair to say that Ruby has had far from a happy time since returning to Walford the brilliant acting by Louisa Lytton over the last week has to be commended. Ruby finally had her day in court and as both Matt and Ross were found guilty.

Ted also returned this week and I can’t think why as he is a completely character with no family around and his wife is gone, also there remain rumours of a summer exit for him so why have they brought him back?

The scene of the week has to go to Jean and Shirley who took to the O2 climb to face their fears before Jean begins her chemotherapy and despite Shirley backing out at the last minute Jean still went ahead and we were treated to some lovely scenes at the top of the O2.

Gillian Wright, in my opinion, has always been one of the better castings in EastEnders so when she gets a chance to shine she doesn’t disappoint and these scenes just go to show that whether Jean is shouting “sausage surprise” or acting her heart out she gives her all to the character.

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