After seeing Louise getting bundled into a car by Midge, Keanu desperately calls Phil who rushes to help with Ben in tow. Seeing the commotion, Sharon tries to find out what’s going on but Phil barges out ordering her to keep quiet. Ben worries when Phil realises Danny must be behind everything and they race to help Louise, who finds herself locked in a shipping container.

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As Phil and Ben arrive at the docks, Phil heads off to find Danny, ordering Ben to stay put. Keanu eventually finds Louise but as he unties her, Midge knocks him unconscious and locks them both in.

Meanwhile, Sharon quizzes Dennis and Tiffany about whether the gang are involved with what’s happened to Louise but is quickly put in her place by Tiffany. Back at home, Sharon tells everyone that Louise is in danger and Kathy is furious that Phil’s implicated Ben. As tensions reach breaking point, Billy tries to calm the situation but ends up dropping Phil in it, while a guilty Lola watches on.

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Jay meets Ruby who wants to celebrate her good news – Matt and Ross have received their sentences. Feeling guilty Jay admits to Ruby that he kissed Lola but Ruby is shocked when Jay admits he wants them to make things official – and to his surprise, Ruby accepts. Kim continues to give Chantelle a hard time but after advice from Karen and Gray, Chantelle makes a peace offering.

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