For years Sean has been high on the list of returns that EastEnders fans have wanted but next week his short comeback isn’t without plenty of action.

It starts when Jean and Sean set off for a trip away from Walford and as Jean tries to get Sean to open up, he bristles at the mention of his father. As they pull up to a remote farmhouse, Jean can’t wait to spend time with her son. As they prepare to go for a walk a clump of Jean’s hair falls out.

Image10(Picture: BBC)

Later, disaster strikes when Jean accidentally cuts herself accidentally. Despite brushing off her injury, Sean notices how severe it is and when Jean loses strength he realises this may be his only chance and makes a shocking admission to his mum. When Jean loses consciousness, Sean rushes to try and get phone signal as Jean wakes up in a worrying situation…

After frantically calling an ambulance, Sean urges Stacey to get to them immediately and realising something is seriously wrong, she races to them.

Will Jean be ok? or will Sean be saying goodbye to his mum again already?

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