Following last night’s dramatic episode Keanu is about as much use as a chocolate teapot and it seems the body count is still rising.

With Louise’s safety in grave danger, Phil and Ben continue to search for her at the docks but as Phil leaves Danny a threatening message, he’s whacked from behind…

EastEnders - April - June - 2019 - 5907(Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Sharon is rocked by Kathy’s revelation that Ben only returned as Phil’s in financial trouble and as things escalate they agree not to contact the police.

Week-17-Day-of-TX-Phil-grabs-Midge.jpg(Picture: BBC)

Also tonight

Shirley tries to support Jean who admits her fears about her cancer diagnosis. As Jean opens up, Shirley admits she knows she wants to find Sean and despite trying to talk her out of it, Jean decides to move back home to get Stacey’s help to find Sean.

Jay and Ruby celebrate ‘going official’ but when alone Lola’s arrival at The Vic annoys Jay, but when she explains about Louise he rushes off. Later, Billy arrives and hatches a plan to make sure Lola stays in Walford – asking Ruby to give her a job. Things get awkward when Jay returns with Lola and Ruby realises she’s given Jay’s ex a job.

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