There is no shortage of grief following Lily’s passing as Harry and Ste both visit Tony for support, and he tells them that he’s cancelled the Easter fete. Sally hands Tony and Diane Lily’s exam results.

Sylver takes Prince to his workshop and asks whether he could carve something special for Lily’s gravestone, in hopes of distracting him from the heartbreak he is going through.

HO EP 5150 EASTER FETE 12.jpg(Picture: LIME)

Later in the week Scott and Ste host the Easter fete in hopes of cheering up Diane and Tony. They tell all the business owners in the village, and Jonny and Stuart bring a hog roast to The Hutch.

HO EP 5150 HOG ROAST 01.jpg(Picture: LIME)

The village is lit up and Tony and Diane are delighted.

Also this week

Brooke asks Imran to ask Juliet out. He does, and she accepts. Later, she admits to Marnie that no one has ever asked her out on a date before, and Marnie gives her some advice.

Juliet starts pressuring Brooke into sleeping with Ollie.

Manipulative Juliet plants worry in Brooke’s mind, that if she doesn’t have sex with Ollie, he’ll break up with her. Not knowing what to do Brooke tells Ollie that she wants to have sex right away.

And Finally

Mandy gives birth to a baby boy.

Darren is worried that the baby may not be his biological son, so he purchases a DIY DNA kit. Ollie is visiting Luke and reluctantly tells him about the baby. Luke is certain the baby is his and wants to fight for his family back.

Ollie tells Mandy that Luke wants a paternity test. Darren walks in just as Ollie is telling Mandy that Luke wants his family back. Later, Darren gets his DNA results. Darren and Mandy decide Ollie should look, so he opens the letter…

HO EP 5148 DARREN MANDY OLLIE 02.jpg(Picture: LIME)

Ollie tells Mandy and Darren the results… and later visits Luke in prison.


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