As a long term fan of Hollyoaks by now, I should know not to ship a couple as Hollyoaks have the constant habit of killing off fan favourites, and since it was announced that Lily (Lauren McQueen) was leaving and would die by sepsis I thought here we go again.

The build-up to this has been gathering pace with Romeo (played by Owen Warner) being advised to run after getting caught up in Mac’s death and Lily deciding she wasn’t going to stay and get help but rather go on the run to Ireland with him.

We were treated to a series of flashbacks of a younger Lily with her mum while in the present day Tony and Diane along with Peri, Yasmine and husband Prince were desperately trying to find an increasingly ill Lily after Farrah informed them that she had sepsis.

Don’t get me wrong I love Romeo and Lily as a couple but even during her last episode it became about Romeo vs Prince and who does she want? this went on and on right up to their last scene together where they split and she left Romeo.

Image2(Picture: Lime)

Even knowing what was to come the climax of the episode hit me hard with Prince finding her but it is too late. A song ‘Gone Too Soon’ was a beautifully written piece by Hussain Manawer and singer Sonna Rele.

After such a strong performance as Lily Drinkwell for the last two years, I have no doubts it won’t be long before Lauren McQueen graces our screens again.

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