Holby City spoilers: Vinegar and Honey

Series 21 Episode 18 – 30th April 2019

Holby City Episode 18 (1)Holby City Episode 18 (2)Holby City Episode 18 (3)Holby City Episode 18 (4)Holby City Episode 18 (6)Holby City Episode 18 (5)Holby City Episode 18 (8)Holby City Episode 18 (9)Holby City Episode 18 (7)(All Pictures: BBC)

Kian’s big personality and alternative methods are beginning to grate on Jac but is it just a case of professional jealousy? Fletch reminds her that she’s only as good as her team and should allow him to thrive.

Dom tells Ange he wants to be a proper part of her and Chloe’s lives. In response Ange finally opens up to Dom, revealing a big family secret.

When Sue makes a big mistake on her first day at the new job Donna covers it up. However, being the favourite of the new boss proposes new challenges.


Irma Inniss – Producer
Ed Sellek – Writer
Jamie Annett – Director


Rosie Marcel As Jac Naylor
Dawn Steele As Ange Godard
Kaye Wragg As Essie Di Lucca
Alex Walkinshaw As Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
Ramin Karimloo As Kian Madani
Nic Jackman As Cameron Dunn
Belinda Owusu As Nicky Mckendrick
David Ames As Dominic Copeland
Jaye Jacobs As Donna Jackson
Marcus Griffiths As Xavier “zav” Duval
Bob Barrett As Sacha Levy
Catherine Russell As Serena Campbell
Angela Lonsdale As “Scary” Sue Buchanan
Ulrika Krishnamurti As Farhima Noorani
Kathryn Howden As Marlene Garrison
Waleed Akhtar As Jamal Noorani

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