As Sean arrives back in Albert Square after ten years away, past feuds resurface when Jack learns Sean was behind Amy’s disappearance. However, as tensions rise between the pair, Jack quickly realises Sean is unaware that Roxy died and takes him to Roxy’s grave to break the news. After explaining what happened, Jack doesn’t hold back, blaming Roxy for everything. Hearing Jack bad mouth Roxy ignites Sean’s anger and they quickly come to blows. As the pair calm down, Sean admits he’s returned to make amends.

EastEnders - April - June - 2019 - 5910EastEnders - April - June - 2019 - 5910EastEnders - April - June - 2019 - 5910(Pictures: BBC)

Back on the Square, Jack reveals to a stunned Stacey that Sean is back…

EastEnders Wk18 (10).jpg(Picture: BBC)

After overhearing Adam’s plan to move in with Honey, Lola rushes to tell Billy but she’s surprised by his reaction. At work, Lola struggles with Ruby’s demands and gets increasingly jealous of Ruby and Jay’s relationship. Once alone in Ruby’s flat, Lola hatches a plan to get back at Ruby and help Billy.

Elsewhere, Keegan tries to cheer up Bailey with a kick about but seeing Bailey’s reluctance Dinah persuades her to go.

EastEnders - April - June - 2019 - 5910(Picture: BBC)

At the park, Tiffany and Bernadette watch as Keegan and Bailey play football but they’re interrupted by one of Bailey’s friends, Alyssa and her older sister Brooke. Tiffany spots the instant connection between Bernadette and Brooke and decides to play cupid.

EastEnders Wk18 (8).jpg(Picture: BBC)

This episode airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One

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