This week on Emmerdale, the Monday episode will set the scene in anticipation of a series of flashbacks that will play out over the week.  Each of these episodes will return to the night at the club and reveal just exactly what did happen…

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On Tuesday’s first Episode

On a road, Billy recalls the night out to Ellis and Aaron. In a flashback to the night out, we will see Billy is searching for Ellis outside the club as the fire alarm is ringing. And soon it all becomes clear what happened that fateful night.

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Tuesday’s 2nd Episode

As Leyla confesses all to Jacob. In a flashback to the night out Leyla, Tracy and Priya are confronting Maya outside the club.  As they drive her away into the night and Maya is put under pressure and escapes with them in pursuit – things take a terrifying turn..and we see what happened.

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Victoria begins to open up to Moira about what happened on the night out. In a flashback to the night out Victoria is outside the club as the fire alarm is going off, she heads off in search of Robert as Amy, Kerry, Bernice and Rhona leave in a taxi. Victoria is sitting on the wall next to the kebab van as soon the whole story of that night becomes clear…

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Also this week

There is shock all round after the week’s revelations.

David is unsettled and struggles.

Whilst Moira consoles Victoria and tries to help.

Meanwhile, Billy fears he’s lost Ellis for good.

Rhona is guilty. Can Pete forgive her?

Jessie and Marlon want answers.

09_05_emm_billy_jesse_marlon_ellis_01.jpg(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 6th May on ITV

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