This week in Shieldinch… rocked by recent revelations, Lou secretly investigates Lydia’s death; sparks fly when Ruby has an unexpected love interest; and AJ struggles with the prospect of fostering much to Ellie’s dismay.

Lou visits Alex in prison, demanding answers to uncover the truth about who really killed Lydia. Alex’s honest account finally convinces Lou he’s innocent and is being framed for murder by Lenny.

Back in Montego Street, Lou tells Poppy about Charlotte’s recent revelation – Lenny can walk, which means he could be guilty of murder. Releasing the enormity of this information, Poppy and Lou hatch a plan to catch Lenny red-handed, planting a webcam in his flat.

River-City 6th May 2019 (3).jpg(Picture: BBC)

When Lenny discovers the webcam and works out what’s going on, he takes matters into his own hands, regaining control by any means possible.

Elsewhere, Ruby becomes the object of the attention of Bob’s one-time apprentice, Barry. When Joe overhears their plans to get together, he tells Caitlin who reminds Ruby she’s still grounded.

Undeterred, Ruby waits till her mum goes out to invite Barry round to the Tall Ship flat little realising a seething Joe is watching from the sidelines.

River-City 6th May 2019 (1).jpg(Picture: BBC)

Ellie’s unimpressed when AJ forgets about the fostering workshops at the Community Hub. Hesitant to go, AJ stumbles through the role-playing exercise with Ellie who fears he’s deliberately sabotaging their chances because he’s having doubts about fostering.

River-City 6th May 2019 (2).jpg(Picture: BBC)


Lou is played by Lesley Hart
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
AJ by Sanjeev Kohli
Ellie by Leah MacRae
Alex by Jordan Young
Lenny by Frank Gallagher
Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
Barry by Conor Mullen
Joe by Douglas Rankine
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens.

By Eastieoaks

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