This week in Shieldinch… Caitlin’s relationship with Joe hits the rails; Kim worries when her memory fails her, and Lou and Amber decide the time has come to tell Charlotte they’re a couple.

Caitlin and Joe’s public displays of affection irk Ruby, but her mum is on cloud nine and blissfully in love. However, there’s bad news on the horizon when Joe discovers he’s being evicted from his flat. Worse still, Caitlin quashes any suggestion of him moving in with her.

Stung by her reaction, Joe distances himself from Caitlin. To add insult to injury, Ruby delights in telling Joe he’s nothing special, just another man in her mother’s long list of failed relationships.

With their future happiness in jeopardy, Joe and Caitlin’s relationship is given a second chance when Joe comes to the rescue of the McLean family.

Elsewhere, Kim feels overwhelmed by her daily routine and the responsibility of taking care of her mum Isobel, and her worsening dementia. As her day goes on, Kim’s memory loss causes her secret concern and when she starts making mistakes at work she fears the worst.

Amber decides she wants to tell her daughter, Charlotte, that she’s in a relationship with Lou. After rehearsing their speech, the couple is pleasantly surprised when Charlotte takes it all in her stride. However, there’s a shock revelation in store for Lou.

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Caitlin is played by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Joe by Douglas Rankine
Kim by Frances Thorburn
Lou by Lesley Hart
Amber by Jenny Hulse
Charlotte by Daisy Veldhoven
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Isobel by Alison Peebles.

By Eastieoaks

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