This week in Shieldinch… Amber and Lou reach a crossroads in their relationship, Sonny hides his medical woes, and Dougie sinks to desperate measures to fix his cash flow problems.

Behind closed doors, Lou and Amber are blissfully happy in their blossoming romance – but there are problems brewing. While Lou wants to be open about their relationship, Amber is notably hesitant, fearing rejection from her disapproving father, Lenny.

Desperate to prove her commitment, Amber decides to reveal her relationship with Lou, starting with telling her ex, Gabriel. But when it comes to the crunch she stumbles.

Worse still, Lenny tells Amber to cut all ties with Lou – he doesn’t like her getting so close to the local policewoman. And he’s not the only one with reservations, as Joe urges Lou to distance herself from Amber.

Elsewhere, Sonny tries to hide his latest ailments from those around him, worried he’ll miss out on much-needed work. However, when Maggie confronts him saying she suspects he has rheumatoid arthritis, Sonny stubbornly refuses to listen to her and carries on regardless.

With money worries overwhelming him, Dougie tries to stall Scarlett’s wedding plans. In need of funds to fuel his gambling addiction, Dougie borrows money from Scarlett’s shop till but when he fails to return it in time, an innocent man will be blamed and the police alerted.

River-City-22nd April 2019 (3)River-City-22nd April 2019 (2)River-City-22nd April 2019 (1)(Picture: BBC)

This episode airs Monday 22 April 10.00pm on BBC Scotland

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