Next week kicks off with Nancy clearly believing Laurie and Sally decides that Nancy is Sienna’s new mentor. Nancy asks her to hand out books in class, and Sienna notices that it’s the taming of the shrew, deliberately assigned to her by secretly goading Laurie.

Sienna visits Sinead, wanting her to admit what Laurie is truly like. Sienna senses there is a bigger issue and confronts Laurie. It gets heated and Sienna decides to get her own back. What is she going to do…

On Tuesday mad, bad and dangerous Sienna returns with a bang (at last this ‘nice’ Sienna was just too calm)

LAURIE(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Sienna ties Laurie up and wants him to admit everything he has done to her and Sinead.

Laurie breaks free. Sienna runs out, holds the door and refuses to let him go. By the time Liberty and Brody find her, she has Laurie on the floor, threatening him with a fire extinguisher. Brody and Liberty desperately convince her that she’s much better than this, and they manage to talk her out if it.

Laurie arrives home and goes upstairs with Sinead. he’s furious at Sinead, believing she told Sienna everything. He rapes Sinead. A heartbroken Sinead admits to Diane and Tony that Laurie has raped her.

Oblivious to the carnage unfolding with Sinead and Sienna, it’s a battle of which grandparent knows best as Tony and Diane compete to get Hannah to eat her vegetables.

Midweek and the drama continues with a special episode

This special episode follows the latest developments with Sienna, Sinead and Laurie.

Sinead recalls everything that happened to the police. A flashback shows what happened after she admitted the truth to Diane and Tony.

Laurie is talking to the police.

Sienna is unwavering when she finds the police on her doorstep.

Nancy continues to support Laurie and tells the police that Sinead can be a troublemaker. Sinead lies about the dates slightly, as she didn’t want them to believe that the rape happened so close to when a happy picture was posted online, so she tells them the first assault was 1st April


A desperate Sinead tells Sami that she told the police the wrong date.

Harry is furious to discover James’s disloyalty.

Nancy starts to doubt her own judgement.


Sally and Nancy discuss their thoughts on Laurie.

Sienna visits Sinead, will they be able to call a truce.

Back at Sienna’s flat, Sally knocks on the door with some words of support.

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