What is Harry hiding from James, is he capable of cheating?

James would certainly hope not. Harry doesn’t have the best track record though, does he…!

How would you describe Harry and James’ relationship?

New! They are in love but have had a tough start so they are trying to work out how the settled home life works!

What are James’ first thought’s when Harry is taken away by the police?

Shock. He can’t work out what’s going on and can’t believe more drama is headed their way.

James tells Harry he will never forgive him if he finds out he was lying, do you think that’s the truth?

Possibly yes. He needs to trust him, especially given the way that they began. If that trust is betrayed it could be a problem…

How would James react if he found out Romeo lied for Harry?

He’d be angry if Romeo has done anything to jeopardise his freedom following the Mac debacle.

HO EP 5169 HARRY JAMES ROMEO 11.jpg(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Everyone loves the Romeo/Harry /James scenes, how fun are they to film?

Great fun. They are both great guys and we have a laugh. A little too many jokes about my age but aside from that…

What was your first reaction once you found out you were shortlisted for a British Soap Award?

Just really grateful that people want to give me their vote. It’s a really strong line up from all the other soaps, but from our show, I have to say Ijaz and Ashley have been consistently brilliant so I was surprised to get the nod.

Who was the first person you told?

Parry on set. He’s been great.

Can you recap James’ past year?

Revelations, secret love, storms, heartbreak, love, and fatherhood!

How much did you enjoy ‘storm week’?

It was so much fun to film. Cold and wet but Neil Wilkinson is a great director and he smashed it. Really proud of those eps.

Hollyoaks continues on Monday 7pm on E4

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